Guaranteed Payday Loans

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  Guaranteed Acceptance Payday Loans- work hard to ensure you get the best result from your payday loan application every time.
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  Extremely Fast, Simple and 100% Secure – Get informed, Get Accepted, Get Paid. It's as simple as that
  Same Day BACS Transfers Available - We know time is of the essense and aim to ensure your money is available to you in the quickest time possible
  Bad credit? Missed payments? Defaults? Guaranteed Payday Loans to the rescue. Even if you were not accepted for payday loans by our competitors we can help.
  No Upfront Admin Fees
  Guaranteed Payday Flexi- term. Receive your Guaranteed Payday now, even if you are a council or housing association tenant we can offer up to £750 today
  Spend the money as you please. We ask no questions so it's your choice.
  We Value Your Privacy. Guaranteed Payday Loans do not pass your details on to marketers.

Highly Recommended!

Mr Thomas
"Thanks to guaranteed payday i managed i managed to pay the deposit on my new flat. I'm so pleased because if i had waited until payday i'm sure someone else would have rented it first."

Miss Simms
"I avoided getting a CCJ for my phone bill and now finally have my finances back in order. I would certainly recommend guaranteed payday to anyone who needs fast cash.”

- Nicolene H.



Guaranteed Pay day Loans strive to help you manage your immediate finances when you need help the most.

We realise payday loans are not for everyone, and for that reason we do not employ a sales team, only customer service focussed advisors to provide any information you require before making an informed choice as to what option is best for you

As one of the largest payday organisations in the UK you can trust that Guaranteed Payday will work hard to make borrowing simple for you.

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Over 100,000 people apply for a payday advance loan each month so don't think you're alone. Guaranteed Payday are here to give you access to a fast cash advance today,

Guaranteed Payday Loan – Requirements
  • Guaranteed Payday loans can easily be approved if you are;
  • Aged 18 to 64
  • In at least 16 hours employment
  • Living in the UK (except Ireland)
  • Have a UK bank account and valid debit card


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